Sale LED screens


  1. The LED screen delivery set includes:
  • LED screen with specification;
  • control system for installation on the customer's PC;
  • data cable set;
  • electric cable set;
  • basic software set (for Windows 9x/2000/XP);
  • software for basketball matches tracking;
  • SPTA set;
  • service documentation set;
  • operational staff training;
  • delivery - F.C.A Zhitomir
2. Possible delivery D.A.F Borispol (Kiev) or bonded warehouse of the city in Russia nominated by You, but with adjusting prices.

3. The operational staff training is held during the start-up programme.

4. Installation and start-up programme costs is not included in the LED screen price and are held under special contract.

5. The subjects, that require design solutions of local experts and start-up costs: Constructional binding, supporting metalwork. Binding of LED screen control point position with the roomsЕ

6. Production and delivery time is nominated from the date of receipt of the first advance payment. Advance payment is 70%- for the start-up, 20% -2 months before the delivery, 10%- 7 days before the delivery.

7. Our LED screens have currently the minimal thickness among all the producers, that achieves their low weight.

8. The obligations of partners in details must be defined by LED screen production and delivery contract.

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