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  Modern technical outfit enables to install LED screens almost in any place convenient for user, at any angle and height. Usually for screen installation it is used a special construct of metalware. The LED screen is fixed on this construct by means of winches or special spansets, and it is also fixed on each side, it is used generally for short-term street installation.

Variants of installation led of the screen
Variants of installation led of the screen

For installation on the sports stadiums, concert floors and at other great events, where the LED screen can hang very high, it can be used special chain winches; such screen can be securely installed at any distance from the ground.

One of examples is LED screen installation on stadium of the camp "Artek". On the 30th of July of the year 2004 new stadium in the camp "Artek" has started working. The real adornment of the stadium is a sports panel by company "EKTA", which enables supply of any sports events.

Variants of installation led of the screen
Variants of installation led of the screen

The sports LED panel is equipped with diode brightness balancing system and panel light intensity adaptation system.

For long-term installation, for example as a street advertisement vehicle, the loads on place of installation should be calculated in advance, and other calculations (ground, foundation, energy source distance, wind rose etc.) should be made depending on place of installation. The calculations are made by skilled technicians of GK "Plasma technologies", whereat it is laid down project specification and it is chosen the optimal LED screen installation variant. Correctly made project specification reduces the risk and expenses at the installation, as many factors for design engineers and constructors are considered in the project specification.

Depending on place and height of the screen installation it is figured the LED matrix of the screen. All the LED screens have different specification and information readout distance. This parameter is very important, because potential buyers won't be able to see, what is being offered, because of screen granularity.

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