Sale LED screens


  For outdoor use (street use) the company "EKTA" produces full-color LED screens with long-term useful life (on glaring light-emitting diodes).

The LED screens of the company "EKTA" are composed of medium-sized modules (about 0,4x0,4m), that makes them very mobile, easy to integrate in any configuration, even in very unusual one. The modules in the LED screen are joined in a plane without clearances and pitch shortening, that procures a seamless picture. Different types of the LED screens have various pixel pitch and are meant for a wide range of viewing distances.

On the front imaging plane of LED screen there is a sun-protection lattice, that increases contrast and protects the screen from any impact.

In each LED module there is a hi-rel built-in power supply with a power factor corrector, which provides a sine-wave mode of the input current and a wide range of supply voltage.

Basic advantages of LED screens:

  • Very high brightness balancing on the screen field.
  • It is achieved by the implementation of firmware alignment brightness in each pixel on each color.
  • Thickness of screen field 90 mm.
  • This parameter is achieved by Е?.....
  • The control system makes it possible to build LED screens up to 1280x1024 pixels, completely conserving thereat highly dynamical
  • characteristics of the displayed information.
  • Automatic brightness control system.
  • Due to the system, according to different faceplate illumination our LED screens make it possible to save much power and to
  • provide equally comfortable information perception both at bright sun and in the night-time (256 brightness adaptation levels).
  • The company "EKTA" extends a 12 months guarantee.
  • Upon completion the guarantee period we make service maintenance under a special contract.

LED screen control system

  • Video standards- PAL; SECAM; all NTSC in Composite and SDI format.
  • Video interface - S-Video, Component and RGB.
  • PC compatibility- with resolution capability up to 1600x1200 px.
  • PC interface (control interface) - PCI, DVI.
  • Word capacity of processing of one color of the 1-st pixel- 16 bit.
  • Automatic brightness adaptation to faceplate illumination.
  • Digital brightness-, contrast-, saturation-, white balance-, gamma correction-, zoom control.
  • Alignment of the light intensity of each LED on colors all over the panel of LED screen.
  • Control system distance- up to 100 m from the screen (coaxial cable) and up to 100 m from the LED screen (optical cable).

Installation of LED screen

The variant and the price of installation, of supporting structure, which stabilizes the screen suitably by wind forces or other loadings, of LED screen case are defined by experts of GK "Plasma technologies" relying on the placement location, a wind rose and other factors.

Terms of payment and delivery of the LED screens

Production time of LED screen is 1,5Е4 months (depending on the size). On questions of purchase of the LED screens of company " EKTA " in the territory of the Russian Federation address by phones: (095 187-98-71, 187-88-69, 187-88-42, 187-88-28 e-mail:

Multiline: +10 7 (495) 221-19-25
Sales office phone: +10 7 (499) 760-35-13