Sale LED screens



19.04.2005 | Opening of the new version!

From now on, we open the new web site, the new design, new opportunities and also the English version of this site is being commissioned.

08.10.2004 | The new alternative!

The manufacturing of LED advertisement panels for the outdoor advertising is a new tendency of the outdoor industry. Video panel is a revolutionary alternative for the outdoor advertising on facades of shops, restaurants, casinos, the trading-entertaining centers, motor shows, night clubs, hotels and office centers. In details about the LED commercial panels.

27.09.2004 | On-line resolution capability calculation form.

The on-line LED resolution capability calculation form with the opportunity to order screen through the sending form is added. The form is able to calculate the LED screen from 0.4х0.4 cm up to 14.8х10 meter with results log and number of used modules. Calculate the resolution capability of the LED screen.

20.07.2004 | Project opening

This project represents in the network a new line of activity of our company- LED screens sale. Our company is glad to offer You LED screens for use on sports events, as constant advertising vehicle, and also for other powerful ideas of Your business.
On the site pages You can get acquainted with primary specifications, explore the packaging, the sizes of LED screens, and also order a LED screen. Have a pleasant web-journey!

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