Sale LED screens


  The company "EKTA" makes and sells top-grade and maximum portable LED screens. Due to the useful construction design of all the big LED screens, the screen installation goes rapidly. Every project involves installation and setup of the LED screen "on a turn-key basis".

Unique construction of LED screens produced by the company "EKTA" enables to realize prime ideas for carrying out of different actions. Modular structure of LED screens enables to create original designs, and even scenery on the basis of the LED screens.

Ordering an LED screen You get a full solution, that enables You to save Your resources. We practice cost effective pricing system. Working with us You save much more money, than with any other LED screens selling company.

The company EKTA
The business was established in the year 1992 by a group of young talented specialists- scientists and video screen systems designers. Initially it was chosen the innovation activity and high-quality competitive products development orientation. Being one of the founders of Ukrainian big video screens market, the company has year by a profound effect on the advancing of visual and video screen technologies domain of Ukraine and CIS countries. Products of the brand EKTA work successful in more than 10 countries of the World. Advanced solutions, which are developed by technicians from EKTA, are being presented at the largest world shows.

GK "Plasma technologies"
The business was established in the year 2000, having started in the by that time already mature market of services on granting the presentation equipment. In rather short time slot GK "Plasma technologies" managed to win spurs, it has been recognized as the most dynamically developing company.

GK "Plasma technologies" is the official representative of company "EKTA" on sale and leasing of LED screens.

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Sales office phone: +10 7 (499) 760-35-13